Annotated Bibliography – part 2

Brillembourg, A., Feireiss, K., & Klumpner, H. (2005). Informal City: Caracas Case. Prestel Publishing.

Urban Think Tank a design practice that started in Caracas has as its main focus the barrios of the city. This office was founded by Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner joined in later as a partner. They put together a team of experts from multiple disciplines and countries in order to do intensive research in the barrios of Caracas and possibly come with solutions to improve the living conditions of these communities. It was imperative for them to have the people from the barrios involved in the projects. This book is a compilation of all their research, including the opinions and design solutions from their team, people usually from other countries who had an interesting insight on the life of the barrios. Their work has encountered some hurdles usually related to the political situation that Venezuela is undergoing, but they are hopeful to stay in the city and improve it not only in the barrios but connecting it to the formal part of the city as well.

As part of my research this semester I will visit Caracas and the plan is to meet with Jose Antonio, the current head of the office in Caracas. My goal is to get a better understanding of the current projects of the Urban Think Tank and of their definition of the complicated city of Caracas.


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