Inspiring Interventions

Case Studies – Design with the other 90%: CITIES

At this point in the research I have been focusing on the different innovations and design strategies that have been implemented in slums around the world to better the living conditions of poverty. The exhibition “Design with the other 90%: CITIES” has served as a guide, since it is a documentation of people who have worked with these communities. Some of these strategies involve safer, structurally sound, and sustainable buildings technologies that allow for rapid construction, for example, in Paraguay a shelters are built using recycled loofah fibers which are plastered in bamboo walls and coated with tuna oil for insulation.

Anther strategy described in “Design with the other 90%: CITIES” is the “Integral Urban Project” an intervention realized in Caracas by the firm Arqui5 which consisted on enhancing and upgrading the existing staircase of the barrio in combination with a drainage system that is part of the stairs.


Another intervention in Caracas is the Vertical Gym designed by Urban Think Tank. The idea behind the gym is to build up in a limited amount of space and integrate as many activities as possible in a “giant box”. Their motivation was to provide something for the kids from the barrios to be occupied with and mitigate violence.


Although these are only a small sample of all the strategies described in “Design with the 90%:CITIES” exhibition  they are helping me create a pallet of possible small projects or interventions that I might work on in greater detail for the design portion of the thesis.


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