Planting Oportunities

As part of the thesis process we
had an informal presentation in the atrium of CAP last Thursday. During this
time we discussed our standing in the project with students and professors who
stopped by. I had a very interesting conversation with prof. Bob Koester, he
was trying to understand my intent with this project and in all honesty it was
difficult to put it in words. I explained that I do not want to affect the life
of the people from the barrios in such a way that it changes their culture or
way of living, my intention is to improve their life with a small intervention
and provide a solution that is architectonic in nature. Professor Koester
suggested an intriguing idea: to design a module that can be easily assembled
by the barrio occupants and turned into different facilities: a bus stop, a
place for kids to recreate, a shelter for services such as electricity, and to
find a way to plant these elements strategically throughout the barrio so that
they feed the community in all these aspects of life. These modules would be a
network of connections that would seize to encourage the community for
improvement. People from the barrios only build when they have the materials
and resources to do so, therefore, these modules should be provided to them in
the same manner, as they pay a small fee or maybe do something good for the
community. This was only an idea that I’m considering to develop further but in
a way is what I was thinking the final project would have turned out to be, I
just had not expressed it this clear in words.


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